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Language Arts: If English is your second language and you have ever been concerned or embarrassed about your pronunciation, you need to check this out…

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Language Arts

The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language. Thousands of people have benefited and now, you can, too.


Convenience at it’s best:

This Course is completely online so you can take it from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to travel anywhere, you don’t have to take time away from work or school. You can even come to the class in your pajamas if you like.

The American Accent Course has 24 lessons. Each lesson takes around one and a half to two hours to complete. Ideally you would complete one lesson each week so you have time to practice and incorporate what you have learned into your speech.  Some people like to work a lot faster.  You can go as fast or as slow as you need. Everyone learns and works at a different speed.

How Good Does My English Have To Be For This Course?

The complete course is taught in English, so you will need at least a high intermediate level of English to take the program. If you use English for everyday life, you should be just fine.

While the American Accent Course itself is perfect for self study, having someone help you along the way can be very beneficial. Once you join the course, you will have the opportunity to add private help to your program if you like.

You’ll be Shocked at the Depth of this Program:

What You’ll Be Receiving in the American Accent Course:

  • Over 50 Hours of Training!
  • Get All Learning Materials at Once
  • Training on Intonation, Rhythm and Timing
  • Pronunciation of American English Vowels
  • Learn What a Schwa is and Why It is So Important for Learning the American Accent
  • Pronunciation of American English Consonants
  • How to Blend Consonants Together
  • How to Properly Link Words Together
  • Training on Word and Sentence Stress Patterns
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Downloadable Awareness Journal
  • Exercises and Quizzes
  • Optional Private Coaching (Once You Join)